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Lilian Baksalevowicz

Lilian Baksalevowicz, based in Cannes has years of experience attending prominent film festivals such as Cannes, MIPCOM, and MIPTV, and a deep understanding of the film market.

Lilian's career in film sales began in New York where she worked at The Right Eye Agency, representing award-winning cinematographers, production designers, and editors. During her time there, she had the opportunity to work with renowned filmmakers such as Sofia Coppola, Steven Soderbergh, and Alex Keshishian on critically acclaimed films.

Lilian's marketing expertise is unparalleled, with a background in PR for organizations such as AMAA (the Oscars of Africa), FilmDaily.tv (Business of Film), and a track record of successfully developing and packaging projects.

In addition to her film sales experience, Lilian also served as the Festival Director of The Right Eye Film Festival, where two previously undiscovered gems went on to win Oscars. Her extensive experience and success in the film industry make her a valuable asset to any filmmaker or production company seeking representation.

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My Responsibility to You

As a member of the Cannes Film Agency, I am thrilled to be a part of a team that helps filmmakers and production companies bring their films to life and reach audiences all around the world. My role as a film sales agent is to act as a liaison between filmmakers and production companies and potential buyers, representing the filmmakers' interests and securing the best distribution deal for their films.

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to represent, searching for talented filmmakers, attending film festivals, and keeping an eye on industry trends. I love helping filmmakers promote their films, creating marketing materials and presentations that highlight the strengths of each film and showcase its market appeal.

Negotiating distribution deals is one of the most important aspects of my job, and I take great pride in securing the best terms and conditions for the sale of each film. Building and maintaining relationships with buyers is also a key aspect of my role, and I stay in touch with them to provide updates on the films I represent.

Finally, I manage the contract process, making sure that all agreements are in place and that payments are made on time. I feel that my role as a film sales agent is essential in the film industry and I am passionate about helping filmmakers and production companies succeed.

Sincere regards,

Lilian Baksalevowicz

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