Submit Film to Cannes Film Festivals

Cannes Paparazzi

Cannes Film Festivals Submission

Submit your film to the top film festivals in Cannes to win awards, get massive exposure and access distribution opportunities.

Submission Goals

  1. Pitch you Project at Competitions for Funding
  2. Buy and Sell Content at Film Markets for Distribution
  3. Screen your Film at Film Festivals for Publicity Exposure
  4. Win Awards for Worldwide Recognition

On your way to Cannes

  1. Prepare your Film Pitch Deck ready for investment, publicity on the red carpet and distribution sales.
  2. Travel to Cannes includes flight and accommodation costs: it depends on the festival, but have a sizable budget for those expenses.
  3. Mingle with top executives: create a database of contacts in the online database and schedule appointments as soon as possible.
  4. Create Buzz: write press releases or hire a PR company that will create awareness around your film.
Cannes Film Festivals Submissions