Film Pitch Deck

Film Pitch Deck Template

A film pitch deck is the visual representation of a film, a slide deck to tell the story of how your film looks and feels in pictures

It is your introductory pitch in front of an audience on stage, or you share as a pdf or video clip to executives.

Once you have hooked the investor or distributor, then you go into much more detail with a film business plan.

Prove your Vision

You need to introduce your film, instead of sending a 20-page document, your open with this visual presentation.

Impress film executives

Film Pitch Deck Advice

  • Keep in mind, the viewer is going through a pile of pitch decks, strong artwork gets attention
  • Get the concept over as quick as possible, get to the point
  • Less is more, keep it tight, 3 - 5 pages
  • Super easy to understand
  • Include a one-sheet
  • The viewer wants to trust the vision, be consistent
  • Image on the right, text and change over
  • Use high-resolutions pictures
  • Practice your pitch till it's perfect
  • Image cover has to be strong, not like a business proposal, be creative
  • Define your Genre
  • Star power is very important, insert faces that people recognize, but be sure they are committed to your project
  • Use comparative films in the same budget as your film
  • Be realistic in promising a return on investment
  • Shoot a scene, insert a video, always impressive
  • Sell the impact of the project, offer them an opportunity, how you going to make them money
  • Prove your audience that it fits into the environment where you pitching
  • Aim for a one-on-one conversation where you can close the deal

Professional Template

It's easy, download the Film Pitch Deck to edit the pre-designed template:

  • replace the images and text of your film, change transitions, colors and design
  • Mac template will open in Keynote
  • PC version will open in Powerpoint
  • save as pdf or movie to share!

Present your Film in Visuals