Short Film Corner Cannes Submission

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Short Film Corner Submission

Submission Deadline: March 3, 2023

Submit your 1 - 35 minute short film to Short Film Corner to network with distributors and producers in the heart of Cannes Film Market.


Registration is exclusively open to short films:

  • Not exceeding 35 minutes
  • Not broadcasted on Internet
  • Presenting the cinema characteristics of a short film, especially in terms of narration, photography, soundtrack, editing, etc
  • Submitted by one of the film's right holders, agreeing to guarantee his presence in Cannes during the event
  • Film not been registered at the Short Film Corner in past editions
  • Filmmaker can only register one film.


The accreditation granted by registering a short film at the Short Film Corner is exclusively reserved to:

  • Directors, screenwriters or actors of the registered short film
  • Companies specifically dedicated in producing, distributing or broadcasting the registered short film
  • Institutions, associations and professional organizations specifically dedicated in the registered short film's promotion, hereafter collectively denominated the "Participants"
  • Participants are expressly forbidden to make use of products or rights, in any form, in violation of legislative or regulatory clauses as well as of international conventions concerning copyright and counterfeit
  • The Short Film Corner reserves the right to refuse the registration of any film which is liable to disturb public order, or which may be offensive to religion, as well as pornographic films and films which encourage violence, including all associated poster and documentation.


During the registration process, the film has to be uploaded directly through our secured web server. 

  • Only films in original version with English subtitles or films in English will be viewed
  • All films registered at the Short Film Corner will be digitalized
  • The digitalization quality of the films being dependent on the technical quality of the supports originally uploaded, the Short Film Corner cannot be held responsible for the quality of broadcasting on the VL and the interactive screens
  • The participant must make sure their film is downloaded successfully by responding to the questions at the end of the downloading process.  In the case of difficulty to upload, we could authorize another upload or a DVD can be requested
  • All transportation costs, as well as the shipping agent's and insurance fees, are entirely borne by the sender
  • We inform you that the Video DVD sent will not be returned.

How to Submit to Short Film Corner

To submit a film to the Cannes Short Film Corner, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Cannes Short Film Corner to check for the most up-to-date submission requirements and deadlines.
  2. Fill out the online submission form, which will require you to provide details about your film, including its title, running time, and a synopsis.
  3. Upload a preview of your film for the selection committee to review. The preview should be a low-resolution version of your film that is no more than 3 minutes in length.
  4. Pay the submission fee, which is typically around €50.
  5. Wait for confirmation of your submission and follow the guidelines provided by the Short Film Corner on how to prepare and submit your final film.

Note: Keep in mind that the selection process is competitive and not all films will be accepted.

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